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Loki sat staring despondently into his cup of coffee. He hated coffee. Why was this realm so obsessed with coffee? He sighed pushing the cup of now cold, vile liquid away from him and prepared to leave. The temperature was perishingly low that morning, and thus he was one of very few drinking outside the shop. He had no care for the loud chaos that ensued inside, and so preferred outside, even if the thinness of these Midgardian clothes did nothing to protect him from the cold.

Even though the street was not that crowded, he still managed to crash straight into someone as he made to leave. The surprise caused him to stumble back a few steps and he regarded the stranger without saying a word, but giving them a look that conveyed that he considered the collision to be their fault. 

((OOC: I would have put this in the tags, but it wouldn’t fit. Sorry about the length. Don’t feel pressured to match that, I just feel drabbly today I suppose. So with this you can either assume that Loki’s just in Midgardian clothes, or he’s disguised himself properly and looks like Tom Hiddleston when he’s not playing Loki. Either way. Or you can message me if you want to plan something else. Sorry this is so late. I love you all.))

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